Send those ticks packing with proper tick spraying.

Even if you try your best, it is very likely that you will not be able to keep your yard tick-free because it might be difficult to keep wild animals like mice and deer, who can carry ticks, away from your home. Ticks can easily come into your house from your pets. You could also carry ticks into your home on your clothing. You must therefore use protective measures like wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts and tucking in your shirt. It is best to remove weeds, high grass and leaf litter around your home. If large numbers remain in your garden, you can always resort to tick-spraying.

Measures of Tick Control

  • Remove yard debris that can attract ticks
  • Eliminate plant beds high in density anywhere near your house
  • Move any bird feeders far away from your house as birds can spread ticks
  • Woodpiles, that can serve as nests for mice, should be moved away from the house
  • Your lawn should be kept short

Tick infestations are not commonly found inside of the house, however, you need to check your pet’s bedding, carpets and furniture every once in a while.

Tick Spraying

First off, when you suspect a tick infestation in your yard, it should be sampled for ticks. A tick drag or flag should be done to find the ticks. A white piece of flannel fabric, attached to a pole, is dragged through your vegetation and if there are many ticks that cling to it, you may need to use a pesticide.

Pesticides can be in granular or liquid form. It will depend on what type of vegetation you have in your yard and on the stage of growth of the ticks for a decision to be made about which pesticide should be used.

Liquid pesticides kill ticks that are out in the open while granular pesticides will penetrate garden debris and thick garden beds to kill ticks. Only licensed pesticide applicators may work with certain pesticides.

Get those ticks out of your yard today

At Giroux Landscaping, we are very serious about tick control. We are proud to provide the best tick-controlling services in the area. We take our work very seriously and we can assure that you lawn will be tick free after our services. Don’t hesitate and give us a call for your tick-spraying needs.

Now you can go out and enjoy your outdoor kitchens with the piece of mind that ticks won’t crash the party.