The number one factor that influences the overall appearance of your home is a garden that is beautifully landscaped and a lawn that is perfectly maintained. What homeowners very quickly realise is that in order to have that neat and well-kept look, you will need to commit a fair amount of time each week to tending your garden, trimming your plants and mowing your lawn.

If you find that this level of dedication it is just not feasible anymore, it may be time to find a good lawn care service.

Giroux Landscaping will provide you with unmatched service and guaranteed results. Here are a few reason why we are the best garden and lawn care service in the area:

  • Our experienced and skilled lawn care technicians will deliver a tailored service that will guarantee the best results for your lawn and garden.
  • Our goal is always to ensure that you have a lush, thriving and beautiful garden. If your neighbors aren’t envious, then we need to work harder!
  • We consider lawn care to be a science and we strive to be on the cutting edge of the industry. Every new development in lawn care and garden maintenance gets reviewed by our team and we will assess the best way to translate this knowledge into genuine results for our clients.
  • No two gardens can ever be alike, so therefore no two jobs can ever be the same. Expect personal attention, customised goals and requirements. Most of all we guarantee professional service!

How to get the Best Lawn Care

Before giving us a call and asking us to come assess your garden, we have a few suggestions that should clarify your requirements and ensure that you get the exact result that you need. These simple points will give you peace of mind that your lawn and garden is in the best possible hands:

Figure out what exactly you need Giroux Landscaping to do – Consider the common garden duties you find yourself working on each week. Write them down and make sure you get them all. Afterwards, take a walk around the garden and see what other things you have been meaning to get to, but just have never had the time.

Ask questions during our initial assessment – Ask us about our experience. Ask us for references or examples of other gardens we have worked on. Make sure we understand any particular challenges you feel are important to highlight. Make sure we understand what aspects of the garden are a priority for you.

We stand by our impeccable lawn care services, and we think you will too.